Our story

Noble Estate Vineyard and Winery has three tasting rooms in Eugene and Newport, Oregon.

Noble Estate’s vineyard in Eugene, Oregon.

Noble Estate Vineyard and Winery was established in Eugene, Oregon with the planting of pinot noir in 1999. Owner and Winemaker Mark Jurasevich found inspiration for the name of the winery in his love for noble fir trees and the stunning landscape of the South Willamette Valley. In 2000, Mark produced Noble Estate’s first commercially available wines and opened the Vineyard tasting room in 2005. In 2013, Mark opened the Urban tasting room in West Eugene and the Newport location in 2015. Today, Noble Estate  produces nearly 20 types of award-winning wines.

Sustainable vineyard

The Noble Estate vineyard has been certified by LIVE and Salmon-Safe since 2010 for sustainable viticulture practices. LIVE has a rigorous certification process and Noble Estate is passionate about growing grapes in a way that ensures the terroir and local ecosystems are protected for the future.

  • Controlling vineyard weeds with mowing and cultivation
  • Using organic fertilizers to enrich the soil
  • Using cover crops to return organic matter and nutrients to the soil and eliminate erosion
  • Erecting owl houses and hawk perches to help reduce insect populations
  • Recycling solid grape waste
  • Conserving water in the vineyard

Hand-crafted wine

Noble Estate Vineyard and Winery has an urban winery and tasting room in Eugene,Oregon.

Owner and Winemaker Mark Jurasevich

From grape to bottle, Noble Estate wines are hand-crafted by Owner Mark Jurasevich and his team. Named wine region of the year by Wine Enthusiast in 2016, the Willamette Valley fosters the ideal climate for viticulture and winemaking. We grow pinot noir, pinot gris, muscat, and riesling grapes at the vineyard in nutrient-rich Bellpine (sedimentary) and Jory (volcanic) soil. During the winemaking process, the grapes are hand-picked, pressed, fermented, bottled, corked, and labeled by our team. Named for the Noble Fir tree, Noble Estate Winery creates snapshots of Oregon with each award winning bottle of wine. The Noble Estate wine label features a winter view from the Noble Estate vineyards.